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Apr 15, 2023 | Case Studies

Hello, Dr. Oskin here, and I want to share a remarkable story of a patient who responded incredibly well to homeopathy. This patient is a 60-year-old woman who had been struggling with burning pain in her throat, a chronic cough, and similar burning pains in her feet for a challenging five years. Despite visiting numerous specialists, including gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, ear, nose, and throat doctors, and her primary care physician, the root cause remained elusive. She underwent various tests and procedures, but even then, they only speculated that she might have reflux esophagitis.

Homeopathic treatment

She came to me and within three months of homeopathic treatment, I prescribed her Sepia, which is well-known for covering symptoms like cough, burning pains, and acid reflux. Her symptoms also improved with exercise which is important for Sepia.

To her astonishment, within just three months of starting homeopathic treatment, she experienced a drastic transformation. Her symptoms improved dramatically. She is 95% better, hardly experiencing any throat pain, cough, or foot discomfort. The burning pains in her feet that had been an ongoing source of stress and pain were now a thing of the past.

She couldn’t be happier with how much better she feels, and she expressed her excitement over the positive outcome she achieved with just three months of natural, homeopathic medicine.

This story truly exemplifies the power of homeopathy!

homeopathic treatment

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