homeopathic case study tantrums

Homeopathic Case Study Menorrhagia – Dr. Jamie Oskin

Dr. Jamie Oskin ND with a homeopathic case study Menorrhagia.

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Homeopathic Case Study – Dr. Eli Camp ND, DHANP – Shingles

An awesome case study by Dr. Eli Camp, ND, DHANP on homeopathic treatment for Shingles.

homeopathic case study tantrums

Homeopathic Case Study – Dr. Jamie Oskin ND – Autism

An awesome homeopathic case study by Dr. Jamie Oskin ND on treatment for Autism!

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HANP Family: We Need Your Help with the FDA!



Healthcare Professional’s ask your U.S. Senators and House Representative to write the FDA regarding homeopathic medicine

PLEASE SPREAD THIS TO ANY PRACTITIONERS IN CO, PA, NM, UT, WA and TN. Read more below for details.

Dear HANP family,

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Current FDA action is threatening the future availability of homeopathic medicines in the US. This will not only affect NDs, but most importantly all those patients who rely on these medicines to heal as well as maintain their health.

Since its inception, the US Food and Drug Administration has regulated homeopathic medicines as drugs. In 1988 the FDA Consumer Policy Guide 400.400 codified manufacturing and labeling guidelines and distinguished between OTC (acute, self-limiting conditions) and Rx (chronic conditions, nosodes) homeopathic drugs. The safety record of homeopathic drug usage over the ensuing 30 years attests to the existing policy guide.  Many of you are aware of the recent activities of the FDA in regards to regulation of homeopathic drugs. In short, the compliance policy guide originally issued in 1988 that delineates the labeling, marketing, and sale of homeopathic products has been rescinded with no plans to replace.  There is currently a draft of the FDA’s new plan regarding drugs labeled as homeopathic will greatly limit the production and marketing of homeopathic medicines in the US which will severely limit OTC usage and the companies that produce the remedies.

In Phase 1 of our efforts to guide the FDA’s plans for homeopathic drugs, we need to get the attention of representatives in the following states: CO, PA, NM, UT, WA, and TN. What stands before us is an opportunity to join together as one voice to alter the course of homeopathic drug regulation.  This will affect millions of people who rely on this system of medicine that is so powerful and effective, especially when all other options have failed.  What we need from those of you who have family, friends, or contacts in any of the above mentioned states is to contact them ASAP with the link provided below and ask that they help us by taking 30 seconds to TAKE ACTION to submit online letters with through our Voter Voice online action center.

In future phases, there will be opportunities for those of us currently living in other parts of the country to contact our representatives so please stay tuned for our upcoming course of action.

Healthcare Professional’s ask your U.S. Senators and House Representative to write the FDA regarding homeopathic medicine

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Thank you so much HANP family for your continued support!

Continuing Education – Homœopathic Medicine – Pure & Applied 6 Part Series

We are pleased to announce that the Continuing Education course from George Dimitriadis of Hahnemann Institute Sydney “Homœopathic Medicine – Pure & Applied 6 Part Series” is now available!

This series of six lectures is aimed at providing a basis for the specialist homœopathic practitioner to understand the history and development of Homœopathic Medicine – from Hahnemann’s reproducible observations of individual substance effects and consequent induction of a general similars principle.

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Why Eli Camp ND, DHANP is involved with HANP

Eli Camp : “The first time I ever saw a somebody react to a Homeopathic remedy it profoundly changed my life!”



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Why Dr. Gregory Pais, ND, DHANP is involved with the HANP

Here is a message from Dr. Gregory Pais, ND, DHANP on why he is involved with HANP, and why getting the DHANP certification is important!

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homeopathic case study tantrums

Why Jamie Oskin is Involved with HANP

Very excited to grow the Naturopathic DHANP ranks!! Here’s a message from Dr. Jamie Oskin ND, DHANP who will also be teaching some of the CE courses.

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Why Lisa Amerine is Involved with HANP

We are so excited to announce that the DHANP application process is now open! Here are a few words from our president, Dr. Lisa Warner Amerine, on why she is involved with HANP.

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What is happening in 2017 with the HANP

Greetings to all of you who support the HANP! We hope that 2017 has treated you well so far.  The past 15 months have been full of hard work and we are excited to share with you some of the highlights and more importantly, tell you what is to come in 2017.  

First of all we want to thank all of you who have supported us as the board has worked very hard to bring the HANP back to a thriving speciality organization. As an organization our goal is to promote excellence in the practice of homeopathy. In these past 15 months we have worked many hours to restore a solid foundation so we can accomplish our goals.    

Our first step has been to bring the Diplomate of HANP (DHANP) credentialing process back to the HANP from the Council for Homeopathic Certification. We have spent the year detailing out the exact steps that are required to gain diplomate status of homeopathy within the naturopathic profession. This will allow us to establish and uphold specialist standards and to provide quality homeopathic education.

Towards this end, the HANP board came together in Colorado at the end of February to work on this process. Specifically, we finished the testing competencies, developed the outline for HANP Continuing Education, and reached out to established teachers to provide further educational offerings.

Next, we will recruit new and support existing DHANPs as well as expand our membership. To accomplish this we are reaching out to students to establish a presence at all of the naturopathic schools, connecting with new NDs, and developing comprehensive continuing education. Please visit HANP.net to see the newest changes to the website, the application to become a DHANP, and our continuing education offerings as they become available.

An ongoing objective is to build alliances with other professional homeopathic organizations. In April, many of the HANP board members will be attending/teaching at the Joint Homeopathic Conference in Atlanta. The HANP board is in ongoing conversation with the American Institute of Homeopathy to support each other’s efforts. The North American Society of Homeopaths and the HANP are pursuing ways in which we can work together.

We are excited to highlight some new membership benefits. We are securing discounts on homeopathic software, books and supplies for the HANP community. Current and future benefits can be found at HANP.net.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the HANP. Please take a moment to renew your membership online. Thank you in advance for your support. Please reach out to us if you feel inspired by our mission and want to play an active role in its manifestation.


Lisa Amerine, ND, DHANP, President

Gregory Pais, ND, DHANP, Vice President

Ian Luepker, ND, DHANP, Treasurer

Autumn Louise Schaefer, CCH, Secretary

Eli Camp, ND, DHANP

Jamie Oskin, ND

Eric Udell, ND


Our mission is to promote excellence in the practice of homeopathy among naturopathic physicians. We establish and uphold specialist standards, provide education and mentorship, and are committed to protect and preserve homeopathy as a core therapeutic modality within the naturopathic profession.