Homeopathic Case Study – Croup

Jul 31, 2023 | Case Studies

Hello, Dr. Jamie Oskin here again, and I wanna share with you a short story about the power of homeopathy. I called a patient just to check in on them, and it turns out it’s a six-year-old boy with nonverbal autism. His mom picked up the phone and she said, that she was almost on her way to go to the emergency room because her little boy has his annual bout of Croup and he’s having trouble breathing and has a really high fever. It just came on suddenly, and he has 103 fever. I’m in the background listening on the phone to this really harsh dry cough. So I say, listen, I have 10 minutes before my next patient can you, can you do me a favor and let me just hear his symptoms to see if, on the way to the hospital, you can get a homeopathic remedy that might help him get better quicker? 

Homeopathic Treatment

Mom said, “sure, I can do that”. So, I took his case and made sure he was safe and not in immediate distress, and I prescribed a homeopathic medicine Aconite. He had a really sudden high fever,  a croupy cough, and even though he was nonverbal, he was very afraid he had this look of fear on his face and wanted to be next to Mom.

So I checked in with Mom later that afternoon to check-in. I asked how’s the ER visit going and how her son is doing. She said, well, as it turns out, I didn’t have to go to the emergency room because his cough is lessened, he’s not in any respiratory distress, and he is not making that sound when he’s breathing anymore. She said, “oh, by the way, that medicine you gave me seemed to help the fever too, which I wasn’t expecting”. 


She said that every time she gave him a dose of the medicine, his fever would go down for about two hours. We treated him through the entire bout of croup. Later, I prescribed Hepar sulph as the cough became a little wet, which didn’t fully cure the case at which point I switched to Spongia, which is an important remedy in croup.

By the following day after Spongia, he was much better, back to school and no longer coughing. So here’s a case of high fever, a potentially serious condition that as a trained doctor we’re able to help with safe gentle, natural medicines. We were able to save this child from an emergency room visit and unnecessary drugs. The family was super happy and grateful.

Croup Homeopathic Treatment

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