Homeopathic Case Study – Seizures

Jun 20, 2023 | Case Studies

Hi everybody, Dr. Eli Camp, here again, a naturopathic doctor and a member of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians. I want to share a case with you about a four-year-old boy who came to me with a severe seizure disorder. He was experiencing around 30 to 40 seizures per hour, rendering him completely non-functional. His family had consulted numerous doctors and specialists and had tried various seizure medications, but nothing seemed to work. The situation had become so dire that they were contemplating a surgical procedure called corpus callosotomy, which involves cutting the corpus callosum to reduce seizures.

Homeopathic Help

However, the boy’s parents were understandably hesitant about altering their child’s brain at such a young age. They decided to seek help from a homeopathic practitioner, and that’s when they approached me.

Upon taking the case, it was challenging to identify a clear pattern in the type of seizures he was experiencing. They varied greatly in presentation. So, I looked into some other symptoms that might provide clues. One notable symptom was that the boy was an incredibly sweaty child from birth, especially on his head, under his chin, and around his neck. He had a particular fondness for eating boiled eggs with soft yellow yolks. Additionally, he preferred playing indoors with his toys and was highly sensitive to the emotions of those around him, always trying to comfort others when they were upset.

Homeopathic Prescriptions

Considering the overall picture and the specific symptoms, I prescribed the remedy Calc Carb for him. We started with Calc Carb 30C, gradually increasing the strength over time. At this point, the parents had taken him off all of his medications so we gave him the 30 C and over the next four weeks or so, maybe five weeks, his seizures had decreased by 50% and he continued with Cal Carb. We had to change the strength over time and we ended up all the way at CM. And of course, I didn’t dose the CM daily, but this was over about a two-year period and we really used the seizures as an indicator. So the first prescription of Calc Carb 30 C, the seizures decreased in half and over the next two to three months, he was only having one or two.


Then, at the six-month mark, he would go hours without a seizure, so when the seizures would start to increase in frequency, and there were no major changes in other symptoms, then we would know that we needed to go up in strength. Other things that happened in the periphery of the case, although these really weren’t symptoms of pathology, but he became a little less sweaty and he seemed to enjoy going and playing outside with other kids his age more. That could also be because he wasn’t having seizures, right? So that’s not as clear-cut.

At the two-year mark, we had a little guy who was completely seizure-free. They kept the Calc Carb on hand just in case the seizures started to come back. This was several years ago and the last time I followed up with them, I hadn’t talked to them in a couple of years, and he had not had a dose of the Calc Carb in that time period. So that’s a little bit longer and not quite an acute case, but definitely something that was severe and they were considering a major surgical procedure for.

I’m so glad that they found homeopathy and that it was able to help.

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