Homeopathic Case Study – Tantrums

Aug 17, 2023 | Case Studies

I wanna share with you another story of hope with homeopathy. This is a case of a 12-year-old girl who was in therapy because of all the anger outbursts she had at home. Her parents couldn’t control her behavior and, it was just constant stress and chaos in the home. She was actually referred to me by her therapist, who’s an awesome therapist, does a great job, and does really amazing work with kids but she just wasn’t able to fully help this girl. So she was referring her to me for adjunctive homeopathic and naturopathic care.

In this case, what was really most striking is that this young woman was most agitated and would throw the biggest tantrums at home with her parents, especially with her mother. She had a real kind of intense relationship with her mother, especially when she felt wrong or indignant that things were unfair. But she would hold it together all day at school and behave like an angel at school.

Homeopathic Treatment

So this is the picture of a case of Staphysagria, which is a remedy that is often used in cases where the patients suppress their emotions, but when they are aggravated by indignation, later sometimes once the suppression kind of reaches a tipping point, they can explode with throwing things or saying mean things or hurtful things. That’s what happened in this case. This girl would suppress her feelings during the day in public, but where she was most vulnerable, with her family, and especially her mom, who she butted heads with the most, that indignation would come out. And within six months, even quicker. 


But, by the end of six months, she almost never had a temper tantrum anymore and even with that, she’ll get mildly upset and be able to redirect. Not only that, the therapist has let me know that she’s getting even more gains in therapy because now she’s able to open up and talk about the issues.

This is the power of homeopathy. It’s such a simple thing, but the upheaval in that family and now the peace and calm after homeopathic treatment in that family in just the short six months is pretty incredible. I have seen so many cases like that.

– Dr. Oskin

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