Homeopathic Case Study – Withered Leg

Sep 19, 2023 | Case Studies

I wanna share a Homeopathic Case Study – Withered Leg about a withered leg with you today. It’s about the homeopathic prescription, but for me, it is much more about the amazing ability of the body to heal itself when you give it the right stimulus.

I treated this woman a couple of years ago who, as a younger woman, she was on a farm and got a puncture wound by some farm equipment. I don’t remember what it was, but ever since she had that puncture wound, she’d had sort of a white and purplish modeling color on her body that would get more intense at times and less intense at other times. And over the first few years after the leg had been punctured, the leg started to kind of wither and shrink. 

The leg didn’t really give her a lot of trouble but what she came in to see me for was because she’d had headaches for over 15 years, and as a child, she’d worked with the homeopath who had given her a number of remedies and recently had been trying to treat the headaches but was having some trouble with it. So she came to see me, and I took the case. 

I had been studying Kent’s lectures for a remedy for a book I was writing so I had just freshened my mind with some information about puncture wounds and things like that. But she’d had hypericum and Agaricus so here is what we did. 

She had this modeling and the pain of the headache was just to the left of the vertex, which is right at the top of the head and it was always worse if she had a hat or scarf on. I treated her for those symptoms for the headaches, but because she’d had this puncture wound and I had just read Materia Medica, and something called Emaciation of Suffering Parts. Kent talked about how a nerve can be injured by a puncture wound, and there might be a slight infection that is something the body can deal with, but it’s enough of an infection that the wound can become sort of modeled and congested. The part can be cold just like you would expect with latham, but the nerve that supplies that part of the body can dwindle and then the part withers. While Kent wasn’t writing about a 20-year modeling of the skin, he was definitely talking about this emaciation of the different parts.

Treatment and Results

So given the type of headache she had with those symptoms, and the fact that she had this puncture wound so long ago that had ended up with a withering leg, I gave her Ledum, and let me tell you that next year following the treatment with Ledum, the headache went away. Those had cleared up within a couple of weeks. But she started to get pins and needles sensation in this leg that had withered and that lasted for almost an entire year. Well, into the second year that started to go away and by halfway through that second year, the pins and needles were gone. So about two years after we had treated her with Ledum, her muscle was starting to regrow. 

This is the amazing healing potential of the body and the incredible clinical usefulness of homeopathic medicine. 

– Dr. Eli Camp

Withered Leg

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