Homeopathic Mentor

One of the greatest values to members of the HANP is the opportunity to be mentored by doctors who have devoted their entire career to homeopathy. The Homeopathic Mentor is a free call to our Student, Professional and DHANP members.

Upcoming Homeopathic Mentor Sessions:

July 14, 2022 5 – 6pm PST How to Create an Online Course – with Eli Camp, ND, DHANP, VNMI (more details HERE!)
August 10th, 2022 (Wednesday) 5-6pm PST – DHANP Application Q&A – with Nazanin Vassighi, ND, DHANP
September 8th, 2022 5-6pm PST – To be Announced
October 13, 2022 5-6pm PST – To be Announced
November 10, 2022 5-6pm PST – How Not To Do It – Margaret Tyler – Mike Knapp, ND, DHANP
December 8th, 2022 5-6pm PST – State of the Union/Annual Meeting – HANP President Jamie Oskin, ND, DHANP

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