Healing the Hate: An Intro to Anti-Bias Strategies for Naturopathic Physicians


Kami Hoskins, Esq

Live Webinar

1.5 hrs General CE (NANCEAC)

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This activity will provide a live discussion as well as presented lecture material on the topic of bias for naturopathic physicians. Facilitated small and large group discussions with Q&A sessions moderated by Kami Hoskins, Esq, will highlight inclusivity and awareness of participant’s experiences with bias and social identity, and how they inform their experiences as a physician and patient.  Participants will also be equipped with theories and language to identify implicit bias, recognize micro-aggressions, and tangible tools on how to effectively interrupt them to help better serve their communities and optimize patient care.


Basic Outline (90 minutes with small and large group discussion, plus Q and A)

10:00-10:05: Introduction

10:05-10:15: Identification of “Norms,” Discussion

10:15-11:00: Identification of  “Social Identity Theory,” Discussion

11:00-11:30: Definition and Identification of “Microaggressions,” Discussion


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to

  1. identify implicit bias in areas of race and equality.
  2. Demonstrate ability to interrupt bias when communicating with colleagues in the naturopathic medical profession.
  3. Identify theory of microaggressions and recognize how they manifest within interpersonal interactions, particularly doctor-patient relationships.
  4. Demonstrate ability to interrupt and prevent the occurrence of microaggressions to improve BIPOC patient
    health outcomes.
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