Professional DHANP Membership

$150.00 / year

This membership category is for those NDs who hold a DHANP or  want to renew their DHANP.

Please note: because your application is only valid for 1 year, we suggest you submit a complete application. Applications are reviewed between September and December of each year. The deadline for application submission is September 1st.



This membership category is for those NDs who hold a DHANP or who want to renew their DHANP.

To qualify for a Professional DHANP Membership, individuals shall have met the following criteria:

  1. Have graduated from a naturopathic medical college that has been approved by the Board.
  2. Have been licensed to practice naturopathic medicine in a state or province with a Board of Examiners, or its equivalent, that is recognized by the Board.
  3. Have specialty training in homeopathic medicine to an extent acceptable to the Board.
  4. Have successfully completed an examination in homeopathic medicine approved by the Board.
  5. Have demonstrated that homeopathic medicine is a significant portion of their practice according to the guidelines established by the Board.
  6. Have demonstrated evidence of high ethical standards and clinical ability and experience as determined by the Board.
  7. If applying after January 1988, have submitted letters recommending membership from two Board Certified members of the HANP.
  8. If already a Board Certified member (DHANP), meet the current requirements of continuing education established by the Board.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited online access to past issues of Simillimum
  • 20% off HANP Continuing Education Courses (not including the DHANP Core Curriculum)
  • Access to the HANP Members Library. Click Here for catalog.
  • Inclusion in the Private Clinical Discussion Facebook group
  • Access to the monthly call, The Homeopathic Mentor
  • Submission of posts to HANP Blog and public FB page
  • Teaching and presentation opportunities
  • Naturopathic Medicine Institute – 20% discount on Associate membership
  • Medicine Talk Professional – 20% discount on any product or program offered
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