Diplomate Specialty Certification (DHANP)

Founded in Oregon in 1981, the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (HANP), promotes excellence in homeopathic practice among naturopathic physicians. The HANP grants Diplomate (DHANP) status to qualified applicants through case submission and an oral interview. Diplomates uphold specialist standards, provide education and mentorship, and safeguard homeopathy as a core therapeutic modality within the naturopathic profession.

We evaluate applications annually. The deadline to submit your cases for review is September 1st. Decisions are returned by January.

Benefits of DHANP Credential

  • Worldwide-recognized status as a homeopathic practitioner
  • Inclusion in the prestigious DHANP Directory
  • Opportunities for teaching and publication
  • Discounts on continuing education courses
  • Ability to support the quality standards of homeopathy

DHANP Candidate Requirements:

Minimum 350 hours of documented homeopathic education credits, including completed DHANP Core Curriculum and documentation of courses (dates certificates or letters of completion).

  1. Submit your official school transcript and current curriculum vitae.
  2. Upload 2 reference letters (one professional and one from a DHANP in good standing).
  3. Submit an online application and pay the application fee (note that the application expires after one year).
  4. Include a minimum of 5 quality cases demonstrating required competencies (two acute, two chronic, and one failed case). The case submission deadline is September 1st and an oral examination is conducted after the case evaluation.

Important Notes:

  • Application graders are blinded to ensure integrity and objectivity.
  • Three attempts are permitted for DHANP case submission (see the ‘Appeals’ section below for third  and final attempt details).
  • The full application fee is required for each re-submission.
  • Failed general competencies feedback is provided in the fail letter, but detailed feedback is available upon formal request within 60 days of the reception of the fail letter (a fee of $360 per hour for compilation is required).
  • Because of the standardized multi-grader approach, grades assigned to case submissions are not changed once published.


To request a third attempt at the case submission process, you must meet the following conditions:

  • At least three years must have passed since your last attempt.
  • Provide documentation of additional homeopathy training.
  • Submit a compelling written case for how the additional training and the elapsed time have prepared you for success.
  • Send the appeal electronically to the HANP Board of Directors ([email protected]).
  • The previous requirements and allowances (4 attempts total) will be granted to applicants who submitted their first application by 12/31/2020.

Maintaining DHANP Status in the HANP

  • Diplomates must accumulate a minimum of 10 hours/year of continuing education.
  • DHANP membership annual dues amount to $150.00.

DHANP Certification Liaison

Executive Director Hannah Bryant
600 W. Emma St.
Lafayette, CO 80026
P. 541.708.1827

DHANP Application Core Curriculum (30 hours):

The HANP recommends you complete the DHANP Core Curriculum before submitting your application, including your case submissions. The oral examination may include competencies not covered in courses. Continuing education credits earned after receiving DHANP count towards renewal.

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