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The Perceived Schism in Homœopathy

George Dimitriadis, BSc., DHom(Syd), DHomMCCH(Eng), MSCH Correspondence: Suite 26, Level 2, 20-22 Macquarie Street Parramatta NSW 2150, Sydney, Australia www.hahnemanninstitute.com; [email protected] Anyone who has traveled abroad and met with various homœopaths, will perhaps tell you, as in our case, that homœopaths are very friendly, hospitable, giving you time without even having known you previously. As soon as they […]

What is happening in 2017 with the HANP

Greetings to all of you who support the HANP! We hope that 2017 has treated you well so far.  The past 15 months have been full of hard work and we are excited to share with you some of the highlights and more importantly, tell you what is to come in 2017.   First of […]

HANP to Testify: FDA Hearing on the Regulation of Homeopathy

Over the past few years the FDA has begun to further investigate the regulation of homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are one of the only natural medicines to have some kind of regulation by the FDA. This allows homeopathic medicines to be labeled differently than other supplements in that a homeopathic medicine can make an “Over […]

HANP Welcomes Two New Board Members

In the past several months the HANP has welcomed 2 new board members. Autumn Louise joined our team as an official board member acting as our Marketing Coordinator.  However she served as the HANP Executive Administrator for the previous 3 years.  For the past 4 years Autumn has been instrumental in serving the HANP and […]