Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity

December 7, 2019

Dear HANP members and our naturopathic friends and colleagues,

It is with great sadness that we write to you about an incident that sent reverberations through our hearts and our community.  We are deeply disturbed by the racially offensive language recently used by a speaker at a homœopathic seminar at NUHS on October 26, 2019, and we are pained by the impact these comments have had on all of us.  The HANP takes this incident and all acts of intolerance seriously. Such incidents threaten the core values of our profession and require a thorough and thoughtful response to allow our community to heal. 

Since this incident, we have engaged in soul searching as a board and as individuals.  Like many of you, we too are in the process of assessing our own understanding of hatred and bias and calling on our friends and family to help us recover.  We are also actively formulating a plan of action. This incident has been extremely upsetting for us given that many look up to this speaker as a scholar and leader in our homœopathic community.  

Slurs and discrimination of any type, including racism, have no place in medicine or in our healing profession.  Such messaging creates barriers and serves to alienate valued members of our community. We are stronger and more effective when we are all engaged and working together.  As members of a healing community, we may think we are immune to the hatred and bigotry that still plagues our society. Incidents like this remind us that we must be vigilant and challenge ourselves to grow, to be better, to do better, and to be leaders for positive change in our profession and our society. 

We write you to let you know that the HANP is determined to learn from this experience and is committed to positive change. We are working diligently to implement a concrete plan of action that fosters healing within our community. We are confident that together we can grow from this experience and create a stronger and more inclusive community as a result.

The HANP’s plan of action includes the following:

  1. Require all HANP board members to complete cultural sensitivity, diversity and inclusiveness training. 
  2. Provide cultural sensitivity, diversity and inclusiveness training to HANP members and speakers. 
  3. Ensure the HANP Code of Conduct specifically addresses discrimination of all types. 
  4. Require speakers to sign and agree to the HANP Code of Conduct in a contract before presenting on behalf of the HANP. Additionally, we will require this retrospectively of speakers whose educational materials are currently available through the HANP. 
  5. Develop policies and procedures that specifically address violations of the HANP Code of Conduct. 
  6. Require the speaker involved in the aforementioned incident to complete cultural sensitivity, diversity and inclusiveness training in order for his courses to remain active on the HANP website. 

We have already begun to work on this action plan immediately and will have it completed by the end of our February 2020 board retreat. During these difficult times, we thank you for your continued commitment to the HANP and look forward to your participation as we implement this plan of action. It is through struggle and challenge that growth emerges and we view this as an opportunity to bring our community closer together. 


The HANP Board

Acute Diarrhea

Acute Diarrhea during Pregnancy – Dr. Gregory Pais ND, DHANP

An acute case of diarrhea in a pregnant woman resolved after 2 doses of Sulphur 30c in water by the amazing Dr. Gregory Pais ND, DHANP

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defective cases

Defective Cases with Dr. André Saine ND, DHANP: 4/17/2019!

Defective Cases
with Dr. André Saine, ND, DHANP

April 17, 2019 from 7:30 – 9:30 PM EST (2 hours)

2 hrs CE General (OBNM approved)


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At times in prescribing a homeopathic remedy we find ourselves in a less than optimal situation yet have to still prescribe the best indicated remedy.  In this case often you are dealing with a defective or dissimilar case.  In this two hour CE, learn how to navigate this challenging situation and gain an understanding to help you successfully prescribe the remedy.

Learning Objectives

  • Define and Identify defective cases
  • Understand a dissimilar disease state
  • Clinical application of how to prescribe with in the context of defective diseases.

ReferencesOrganon §162-171, 180


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TxOptions JAHC Scholarship

TxOptions JAHC Scholarship Opportunity

The Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians is proud to help present the TxOptions JAHC scholarship opportunity for the 2019 Joint American Homeopathic Conference!! Applications accepted until April 18th, 2019

tx options JHAC scholarship
TxOptions Scholarship Program

Dear Homeopathic Students and Practitioners,

TxOptions is proud to announce its 11th annual Joint American Homeopathic Conference Scholarship Program. In the past, students have enjoyed the opportunity to partner with the NCH, using its extensive resources and network in their lives and practice. This year, an equivalent of 10 three-day scholarships will be awarded to the applicants that fulfill the requirements below and send in their application on or before April 18, 2019. Scholarships will cover the registration costs for 3-day educational sessions as well as;

  • Access to the marketplace
  • Friday evening reception, Saturday evening awards event
  • Coffee & tea breaks plus lunch

Recipients of the TxOptions JAHC Scholarship will be chosen from eligible students and practitioners from accredited North American schools.

To apply, please forward the following information to: [email protected]

Full name and contact information (address, phone and email)

  • Accredited school or practitioner credentials, year of graduation (anticipated or actual)
  • Year of last JAHC conference attended
  • NCH standing (member / student member / non-member)
  • Your response to 1 of the 2 following questions: o What have you learned at a past JAHC that you have since applied to your practice? OR What do you plan on gaining from attending the JAHC and how do you think it will help you in your practice? (if you are a first-time attendee)

Applications for the TxOptions JAHC Scholarship will be accepted until April 18th and scholarships will be awarded by May 1st.

Good luck and we hope to see everyone at the conference!

Stay Well,
Tracey Dixon Marketing & Conference Coordinator TxOptions / Hyland’s [email protected]


tx options jhac scholarship 2

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Dynamic vs Non-Dynamic disease

Dynamic vs Non-Dynamic Disease with Dr Andre Saine ND, DHANP

Dynamic vs Non-Dynamic Disease
with Dr. André Saine, ND, DHANP

March 20, 2019, 7:30 – 8:30 PM EST

1 hr CE General (OBNM pending)


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Non-dynamic disease, also known as disease of lifestyle is often excluded in homeopathic care.  However this sort of disease must be corrected by correcting the lifestyle.  In contrast dynamic disease occurs despite a healthy lifestyle, in this case the correct homeopathic remedy will likely reverse the disease state.  Learn how to distinguish the two and how they compliment each other in our day to day practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand Dynamic Disease
  2. Understand Non-dynamic disease
  3. Learn how to distinguish the two types of disease and how to apply both together in clinical practice.

References: Organon §7a, 77, 186

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Epidemic Disease

Epidemic Disease and Genus Epidemicus with Dr. André Saine, ND, DHANP

Epidemic Disease and Genus Epidemicus
with Dr. André Saine, ND, DHANP

February 20, 2019 7:30 – 8:30 PM EST
Webinar – Live! (Will be recorded and available anytime!)
CE 1.0 OBNM (pending)

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Throughout history epidemic diseases such as the measles have appeared in our culture.  In these acute diseases, the use of homeopathy has proved to be a very valuable medicine.  Learn how to identify the Genus Epidemicus as well as prescribe and manage the homeopathic prescription.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define acute disease
  2. Define sporadic disease
  3. Define epidemic disease
  4. Guidelines of how to prescribe a remedy in an epidemic disease


  • Organon §72-73, 100-103

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The Perceived Schism in Homœopathy

George Dimitriadis, BSc., DHom(Syd), DHomMCCH(Eng), MSCH

Suite 26, Level 2, 20-22 Macquarie Street Parramatta NSW 2150, Sydney, Australia; [email protected]

Anyone who has traveled abroad and met with various homœopaths, will perhaps tell you, as in our case, that homœopaths are very friendly, hospitable, giving you time without even having known you previously. As soon as they realize your genuine interest in Homœopathy, and of your desire to learn, they give generously of the little time they have. This is what my wife Jacqualine and I experienced in each of our overseas trips. It seems that genuine homœopaths are all too eager to meet and discuss their chosen field of endeavor, and to assist in any way possible anyone who demonstrates a desire to learn Homœopathy.

Yet, why is it that our profession is notorious, even from the days of Hahnemann, for disunity? As Hæhl has stated:

With the continual growth of homœopathy the old saying, “So many men, so many minds,” proved once more to be true.
What was gained outwardly by the partisanship of the people, was lost in the internal workings of the cause by discord
amongst the homœopathic physicians.

I would like to examine further as to why this perceived “schism” still persists to the present day.

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